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A Jeans Makeover

Like many other people, I absolutely love wearing jeans. Regardless of whether I’m attending church services on Wednesday nights, enjoying a date night with my husband, or taking my dog to the veterinarian, I slip on a comfortable pair of jeans. However, I’ve recently become bored with my current collection of these popular pants. All of the jeans in my closet are blue. And, most of them are of the boot-cut variety. Therefore, I plan to make some changes this fall. I would like to experiment with different colors and cuts of jeans. On this blog, you will discover the latest trends in jeans for the fall and winter months. Enjoy!


Are You Decorating Your Family Room With A Western Theme?

20 December 2017
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If you're decorating your family room with a western theme, think of words like rustic and unique. More than likely, you'll want to stay away from anything that is too elegant, though you might want to add just one or two fancy touches just to give the room a bit of drama. Before you even begin, think of looking at decorating magazines that feature country homes. Also, think of going to museums that feature artifacts and other items from the old west. Read More …

How To Provide Condolences To Someone Who Has Lost A Loved One

15 March 2017
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It is not always easy to know how to comfort someone who has lost a loved one. You want to express thoughtfulness because it brings beauty and comfort to a sad occasion. There are a variety of ways to express sympathy and concern to someone going through a hard time. Read on to find out how to provide condolences to someone after losing a loved one. Send Flowers Sympathy flowers are a way to let the receiver know you are thinking of them. Read More …

Tips For Having A Better Chance At Getting A Fast Loan Approval

30 January 2017
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Whether you are in need of a cash loan for some shopping you need to do for repairs for your home or you need to take care of some medical concerns, you will want to do what you can to improve your chances of a fast loan approval. This way, you will have the money you need as soon as possible instead of having to wait too much longer. Save As Much Money As You Can Read More …